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the heavens are falling down

I finally sat down with MJ’s This is It today, and amazing as it was, both in the feature itself and the special features, what struck me repeatedly was Michael’s passion for the world. It’s not like this is a new thing discovery for me: I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, so I know that he used this song (and “Heal the World,” too) to try to speak out for the planet.

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she rules until the end of time

Part three of three (for now) posts about how to make small changes in our daily lives to live greener, happier, healthier lives for each of us and the earth as well. Tonight: People Towels. My friend Jen & I share this crusade. For me, it started about a year ago, when I started UCB (the same time I first met Jen). In between psych classes, she pointed out a sticker stuck to a paper towel dispenser in a restroom on campus. They’re everywhere, I’ve since discovered. They say “these used to be trees!” and are just kind of a friendly, pro-active reminder. A lot of people write snarky comments on them about the fact that they’re paper stickers, but… I for one still think it’s a good reminder.

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call her green and the winters cannot fade her

Today is day two (of three) of my eco-related posts. It doesn’t mean, of course, that I won’t ever do it again. It just means that I had three specific topics on my mind lately. If you missed yesterday, be sure to check out my one-woman anti-bottled-water crusade. Today, however, let’s talk about something a little less “lecture-y” and a lot more fun: Lush. Specifically, their line of amazing solid shampoos have had me raving about this company since August.

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we’ve got three Rs we’re gonna talk about today

I’ve been wanting to indulge my tree-hugger side for days, but other topics have kept me from doing so. As such, I now have three things I want to talk about tonight…all of them having to do with small ways we can make changes that are awesome and more eco-friendly. After all, it really is the small things we can each do in our daily lives that add up to big changes globally. I admit, these are not going to be new topics for some of you (certainly anyone that knows me), but one is even new to me, thanks to a fellow tree-huggin’ UCB psych major (thanks Jen)! I hope they’ll inspire you to consider the minor adjustments that can be made to your own life…

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